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Ashitaba & Ginger

Ashitaba & Ginger

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Ashitaba is also know as “Tomorrow Leaf”, enhancing Shen Tonics. This product comes from Taiwan a small group of organic producers, supplying domestic and international markets, mainly, in Japan.
The research has found that kombucha, or fermented tea, might relieve diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases. Fermentation process had increased the health benefits and the pleasant flavour of beverage. Quality fermented beverage product contains antioxidant and sensory as fermented ashitaba tea leaves was evaluated then compare with the original leaves

The Chinese Qin Emperor (221-206 BC) believed it as a "forever young" medicine. It has been widely recognised to boost longevity.

According to some Japanese scholars, studies have found that Ashitaba might help to:

  1. Anti-cancer (by Okuyama): especially effective for lung cancer, skin cancer, and Colorectal cancer
  2. Anti-bacteria (by Inamori): kill the growth of Staphlocous aurenus, S. Epidemidis, gentamycin, streptomycin, etc.
  3. Anti-virus (by Kichiyama): cut the growth of HIV
  4. Anti-Gastric ulcer (by Murakam)
  5. Anti-infarction (by Fujita): Cerebral infarction, Myocardial infarction
  6. Diuretic and lower the blood pressure

Not only popular among many Japanese consumers, Ashitaba has been well known in many healthy benefits in the western societies.  

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